The author and illustrator of several acclaimed children’s books, Robert Lopshire enjoyed widespread admiration for his creativity and innovation. His best-selling book I Am Better Than You! was designated as an Early I Can Read Book. Several of his other children’s titles have been included in the Bright and Early and Beginner Books series.

Robert Lopshire resided in Wilmington, Delaware. Before his death in 2002, he wrote or illustrated many published works over a span of three decades.


Acclaimed children’s books by Robert Lopshire:

  • Put Me in the Zoo: This classic favorite follows the escapades of Spot, a polka-dot leopard that changes his spots and colors in an attempt to gain admittance into the zoo. Geared toward first-graders, it’s a great way to illustrate the fun of books to beginner readers.
  • I Want to Be Somebody New!: By following the antics of a leopard who tries his hand at becoming several different animals, children learn a valuable lesson that no animal (or person) is perfect, and that we should all learn to be happy with who we are.
  • New Tricks I Can Do!
  • I Can Draw: Encourages young readers to develop their creative skills.
  • I Want to Count Something New!: Young readers learn essential number lessons by counting umbrellas, elephants, and everything in between.


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